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Imvelo Solutions

Imvelo is uniquely placed in the field of Industry 4.0 technologies and their application to resource industries. We bring a track record for executing technology transformations in the field by considering business eco-systems, interoperability, supply chains, technology integration, and strategic partnering.


Blueprint and Roadmap: Establishment of long-term leadership commitment and a whole of business roadmap that progressively automates sub-systems, enabling a phased, risk-based approach that accelerates early value and ensures capital efficiency.

Capability: Development of a systems integration capability, supported by strategic partnerships and site-based proving grounds, to adopt and adapt leading technologies across the business.  Partnering for speed and building internal capability by attracting talent and enabling new roles to support a more diverse workforce and grow competitive advantage.

Stakeholder Engagement:  Engagement of all stakeholders through transformation that creates significant change by incorporating organisational change management approaches to underpin a successful outcome.

Business Models: Development of a commercial strategy that will engage new partners and provide flexibility with existing partners to enable the Business Transformation.

Base Infrastructure: Understanding the base infrastructure required to enable the rapid deployment and scaling of site-based digital technologies, with respect to capital investment, scope and schedule.

Continues Improvement: Embedment within an existing CI framework or application of a disciplined approach to measure performance and ensure innovation implementation is yielding business value. Technologies such as automation offer the opportunity to lock-in improvement initiatives so that performance erosion does not occur over time.