Imvelo Team members
Imvelo Ecosystem

The Imvelo Team are uniquely positioned on multiple State and Federal Boards that are tasked with preparing the technology roadmaps and delivery plans for innovation in the mining, space, critical minerals and innovation industries. These roles provide a gateway for Imvelo to keep pace with the best up-and-coming technology companies around the world, allowing us to form deep partnerships to enable speed and success in technology deployments.

Imvelo Boards

Prime Ministers Task Force – Clean Energy Supply Chains

Critical Minerals Advisory Board

Australian Space Agency Advisory Board Member

        Curtain University           Non-Executive Director

Imvelo Boards

CSIRO Minerals Resources Advisory Council

SmartSat CRC Advisory Council Member

Ideon Non-Executive Director

OreExplore Non-Executive Chairman & Non-Executive Director

TiMining Non-Executive Director

Imvelo Boards

SciTech Non-Executive Director

CarbonLink Non-Executive Director

Swick Non-Executive Director

Queensland Pacific Metals Non-Executive Director

Robotics Australia Group Non-Executive Director