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About Imvelo

Formed in 2019 by Dr Sharna Glover and Dr Alan Bye, Imvelo is a Zulu term for ecosystem and partnering is at the heart of Imvelo’s operating model.

Being uniquely placed in the field of Industry 4.0 technologies and their application to resources industries, we collectively bring over 100 years track record for executing technology transformations.

Our team supports both the strategy and planning phases of transformation, in addition to working in the field to successfully execute the programs. We are experienced in the full suite of operational technology deployments, business models, stakeholder engagement and capability requirements in addition to a global network of cross-industry technology partners who can accelerate business transformation.

By taking a holistic solutions focussed approach to the delivery of step-change technology, we deliver an integrated approach of new technology, process change and people change management to ensure new technology is successful.

Above: Imvelo founders Alan Bye and Sharna Glover