Case Study

Forestry Value Chain Automation

Scope of work

Build a strategy and implementation plan to leverage digital technologies across the Forestry Value Chain​.

Automation and digital technology present a large opportunity for safety and productivity improvements within the forestry sector. Imvelo was engaged by a large forestry company to design and lead the implementation of a ten-year technology roadmap. Embarking on multiple site visits allowed the team to gauge an understanding of the client’s current value chain and develop a strategic plan that delivered quick wins and long-term automation projects. 

The project approach had six key facets:

  1.    Road mapping with progressively automated sub-systems
  2.   Development of a systems integration capability
  3.   Partnership creation to increase speed and build internal capability
  4.   Stakeholder engagement
  5.   Identification of proving grounds to design and test the future concept of operation
  6.   Evolution of future investments by building a differentiated operating capability 

Logging yard


A detailed concept of operations and ten-year technology roadmap that realises the value opportunity of Industry 4.0 technologies in creating a step-change in both safety and productivity. Key technologies identified for the project include automation, robotics, vehicle-to-vehicle & vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, and low-cost sensors.