Case Study

Autonomy Market insights

Scope of work

Market intelligence of the current ecosystem of open interoperable autonomy solution providers that are either currently in, or likely to move into, the mining industry and support truck automation.

Imvelo was engaged to identify autonomy ecosystem technology providers who could partner with the Client on select pieces of the autonomy stack and allow them to provide a complete and commercially simple construct for the delivery of truck autonomy to Clients. The work identified those technology providers that could provide a full solution which could be integrated with the Client at the Drive-By-Wire layer.

The two-fold approach to the project was as follows:

  1.   The construction of a detailed global autonomy providers database, highlighting 150 companies that have either developed products or are well progressed with product development in mining, agriculture, off-road cars, and defence. Each company was assessed against an agreed-on set of metrics and ranked to identify the best fit for the Client’s needs.
  2.   Videoconferences with the top 14 autonomy companies to ascertain high level detailing on: corporate profile, technology readiness level, functional specification comparison, operational readiness level, commercial models, and risk assessment summary.
Mining Autonomy


A prioritised technology implementation roadmap that will rapidly increase digital competence, deliver an end-state digital architecture and meet ‘Future State’ technology capability requirements.