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Formed in 2019 by Sharna and Alan, continues to grow rapidly. Both have extensive careers in the full value chain of the resources industry, spanning strategic design to practical delivery of integrated solutions using the world’s best available technologies.

Industry Opportunities

Industry 4.0 technologies are creating a step-change in both safety and productivity through the application of:

  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications (V2X)
  • Low cost sensors
  • Artificial intelligence

Individually the technologies offer incremental value. The step-changes occur when the technologies are integrated taking an ecosystem approach. In addition, Industry 4.0 is causing industry boundaries to evaporate. The ability to transfer technologies across industries presents a tremendous opportunity and creating effective partnerships with others will accelerate success in the new world ecosystem.

The digital age has brought the resources industries together with technology platform requirements common across mining, oil and gas, agriculture, forestry and space. This presents a unique opportunity to leverage technology capabilities and accelerate delivery.

Imvelo has deep experience in planning and leading innovation business transformations. It is uniquely positioned in the market with innovation experience across a broad range of industries. Imvelo is globally networked bringing with it the best technology partnerships and supporting commercial models.

Technology as an Enabler of Safety and Productivity

Most companies take an ad hoc approach and implement point-solution automation as it becomes available on the market. This market matching approach only captures a small portion of the full benefits of automation and is unlikely deliver a competitive advantage.

Consciously adopting a systems approach to automation enabled by commercial innovation – a whole of business approach – creates the opportunity to capture significant upside and ultimately a competitive advantage. This approach builds a differentiated operating and functional capability, accelerating the safety and productivity benefits of investments in automation.

Adapting cross-industry automation solutions enables a fully integrated ecosystem of automated processes, decisions and equipment across sites, supply chains and functional support. Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning can be applied to the vast amounts of data generated and become central to planning, maintaining and operating a fully integrated business.

Automation offers significant safety benefits by reducing the exposure risks from dangerous tasks. This is achieved through tele-remote operations, increased situational awareness and full automation of tasks.

Capability Statement

Imvelo can assist companies wishing to accelerate their Business Transformation. Our team supports both the strategy and planning phases in addition to working in the field to successfully execute the programs. We bring with us experience in the full suite of operational technology deployments, business models, stakeholder engagement and capability requirements in addition to a global network of cross-industry technology partners who can accelerate business transformation.

Imvelo was created with the following fundamental beliefs:

  • Industry 4.0 technologies offers an opportunity for transformation of businesses but this can only be realized if coupled with effective people and process change management.
  • The ability to transform a business through technology requires an integrated approach to the technologies and a keen focus on the greatest value levers of an organisation.
  • Integration drives the need to source a global ecosystem of technology partners who can work collectively to demonstrate step-change technologies.
  • Working on business transformation across different industries provides companies with access to different perspectives and transferring in technology from other sectors
  • The application of integrated automation solutions will give rise to process re-design opportunities that must be captured to unlock the true value that technology offers.

Imvelo is experienced in the field of Industry 4.0 technologies and their application to resource industries. The company brings a track record for executing technology transformations in the field.

  • The company maintains a value chain automation blueprint that integrates technologies to create the transformation agenda. The ability to both create the case for change at the Board level, and then work side-by-side to execute technology transformation in the field is a core strength of Imvelo.
  • Imvelo maintains extensive scans of the market for the best technology providers in automation, sensing and data platforms. The company is extensively networked throughout Europe and America, enabling it to bring to the table the best technology ecosystem partners.
  • Funding models that harness venture capital, private equity and industry consortiums offer companies the backing to successfully execute their technology transformation agenda.


Imvelo focus areas:

Blueprint and Roadmap: Approaches to establish a long-term leadership commitment and establishing a whole of business roadmap that progressively automates sub-systems enables a phased, risk-based approach that accelerates early value and ensures capital efficiency.

Capability: Development of a systems integration capability, supported by strategic partnerships and site-based proving grounds, to adopt and adapt leading technologies across the business.  The approach is to partner for speed and build internal capability for competitive advantage. Taking an industry leadership position attracts talent and enables new roles that support a more diverse workforce. Building internal capability enables the business to decouple from incumbent vendor improvement time cycles.

Stakeholder Engagement: Over time transformation will create significant change and it is essential to bring stakeholders on the journey. Incorporating sound organisational change management approaches early in the business transformation journey underpin a successful outcome.

Business Models: Development of a commercial strategy that will engage new partners and provide flexibility with existing partners to enable the Business Transformation.

Base Infrastructure: Understanding the base infrastructure required to enable the rapid deployment and scaling of site-based digital technologies, with respect to capital investment, scope and schedule.

Continues Improvement: Embedding within an existing CI framework or application of a disciplined approach to measure performance to ensure innovation implementation is yielding business value. Technologies such as automation offer the opportunity to lock-in improvement initiatives so that performance erosion does not occur over time.

Proving grounds: The use of a dedicated operational environment to design and test the future ‘concept of operation’ for the business. Once proven the solutions can be replicated across the business.